Thursday, 22 May 2008

Paper Money Collecting: Storing My Growing Collection

I have been searching for a source for a good paper money storage at wholesale as my collection of notes is now upto about 500 items, and I know its going to grow even larger by the end of the year. The use of fancy expensive but superb albums is scarry. I'ld rather spend the money on getting more notes to add to my collection. So what can I do?

After searching the net for many days I decide on Storage boxes and Safeguard Currency sleeves. It is quite possible that there might be a better option, which I'm unaware of. If so please leave a message in the comment section. Your imput would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, for anyone wondering why I'm not jumping off to buy the first photo or even currency album on offer, please check my previous posts about How to Store Your Paper Money Collection Safely , as this will help to prevent regret and loss of great notes and good revenue eventually.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think a box is a nice solution, and it's difficult to get access to individual notes like that.

The top-quality albums cost over $1/note. So you could be looking at over $500 for your notes.

My core collection is focused, and fits into two albums. So $120 for those, plus about $80 for the pages = $200 in total. A lot, but the albums are intended to be looked at by visitors, as they are of Indonesian notes, and we have a lot of Indonesian visitors. So I don't mind the outlay.

But then I do have some other notes, which I can't justify filing to the same expense.

Looks like the protectors vary a little in cost
from about $0.25 to $0.35 per note.

But rather than looking at banknote albums, which are expensive, you can just buy 4, 3 or 2-pocket pages and put them in a standard album bought from any stationers.

So on that 3-pocket page has nice 95mm slots. That will fit most banknotes. The price is $6.25 for ten pages, or 20 cents a note.

Add in a number of $2 binders (one for each country, or whatever theme you have), and you've surely got a better solution than a box of notes.

If you buy into a currency album 'system', you WILL be paying $1.50-$2 page. That's why the economy option is just to find suitable banknote pages and a standard binder (which can be of higher quality if you want). There's no magic about banknote albums. Source a nice ring binder separately that has standard rings, and then buy the currency pages to go in it. Cheap and convenient.

Paper Money Collecting said...

Thanks for your very detailed imput on the matter of storing my banknotes.
I love the suggestion of finding a suitable binder rather than an expensive currency album.
Your comment is well appreciated.