Wednesday, 17 October 2007

How To Store Your Paper Money Collection Safely

Normally I would store my paper money in an album that had pockets large enough to take the paper notes I'm collecting. Luckily for me writing this blog and the pure enthusiasm I have for the hobby has meant more reading and research than I ordinarily would have undertaken, with the great result of better knowledge and thus less regrets in the future at the state of my collection.

What do I mean by this? It has come to my attention that collectors need to be aware that storing paper money properly is very important. If care is not taken you could end up with badly discolored , brittle and disintegrated notes.

The main issue is to store in clear pockets where both sides of the notes are visible, in order to showcase your collection easily without too much direct handling. The next thing is to ensure that you do not use PVC products as these will eventually ruin the notes over time. This is very important as the damage done will not be visible or obvious for decades but believe me you will be sorry when 50 years on you find the notes disintegrated beyond repair as you attempt to remove them from the wallet you kept the notes in.

So if you cant use PVC products what can you use? Mylar or Mylar equivalent products are the best plastics available for this type of storage. Mylar plastics are archival safe and therefore suitable for any paper storage projects. I am told that you can easily decipher PVC from Mylar by the smell. PVC has a strong smell while this is absent from Mylar products or their equivalents.

Do remember to ask and specify what you require as a lot of suppliers and dealers will not necessarily inform you of the differences when you order.

This is definitely a case of expensive being cheaper than cheap! So do store your paper money collection safely, we'll talk in more detail about this in my next posts. My appologies for being a stranger. The past week has been very challenging, with a sick 3 year old it has been practically impossible to get down to writing, he's a bit better now. Talk to you later.

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