Monday, 8 October 2007

Paper Money Collecting:Banknotes are the Silent Witnesses

Paper Money Notes are the Silent Witnesses of the 2ND World War

Just last week I stumbled upon some news item on the internet about the Nazi groups growing and spreading in at least one Central American Country, in an interview one of the leaders of a major group kept claiming that the claims of Holocaust during the 2ND World War were false and untrue.

Well according to the 755 images contained in the book Silent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of World War 11 by Ray and Steve Feller, he is quite wrong. The beauty and importance of collecting paper money continues to amaze me and fuel my appreciation for it.

This book covers quite a lot. It is definitely a catalogue of the money that exchanged hands during this period, but it is also a historical and social document, amongst the subjects covered are:-

  • the concentration camps of the German Reich
  • the concentration camps of the German occupied countries
  • the ghettos and their authorities
  • the axis, allied and neutral internment camps
  • and the post-war displaced person camps

After reading this book anyone wanting to write the holocaust off as a fantasy will find it very difficult to achieve, as we are reminded vividly about the inhumanity of human beings.

Yet again paper money has come up on top as one of the little bits of paper that wont let the truth of the inhumanity of the 2ND World War be swept under the paper.

But on a lighter note here is a clip of the launching of the book.

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