Saturday, 27 October 2007

Storage Systems for Paper Money Collectors

The first thing is for Collectors of Paper Money Banknotes to understand fully the dangers of storing their collection in inappropriate and sometimes dangerous folders, albums, plastics or places. One of the commonest mistakes is to buy albums with PVC plastic pouches that can easily degrade the notes in a couple of years. Products made with mylar plastics are appropriate or their equivalent.

Secondly it is important to decide about the system you would like to use to store your paper money items.

Most collectors want to show off their collection on a constant basis and would therefore need to use an album or portfolio with mylar plastic holders. This will help maximize the opportunities one gets to show case their collection very effortlessly. The single pocket sheets are the most fancy, others are divided into 2 to 3 pouches per sheet.

Other collectors have preferred to store their notes in boxes or drawers for easy access and are not really interested in laying out the banknotes for constant perusal. Handling should be kept to a minimal.

It is also important to prevent you collection from being accessible to the inquisitive children, keep them away from water, flooding, fire, and other disasters.

With these few pointers in mind you should be on the way to storing your paper money collection safely.

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