Saturday, 17 May 2008

Paper Money Triva: Who Just Issued New 500 Million Dollar Banknotes?

I just issued a new $500,000,000 banknotes this week, who am I?
And I issued one worth $250,000,000 just 10 days previously, this note at least could get you a loaf of bread and leave you with some change, still wondering who I am?

This is so sad. Of course its Zimbabwe and Mugabe at the end of this farce. These notes can't buy you more than a loaf or two of bread, at most three! Yet he's getting ready for a second round at the polls after being responsible for driving the country into an unprecedented rate of inflation and despair since 2000.

Also 5, 25 and 50 billion Zimbabwean Dollars are to be issued to aid the farmers during the harvest season, they would usually be carrying baggages of money around in order to make purchases, these notes are actually bank cheques rather than banknotes like we know them.

These Zimbabwean Dollars are not worth more than US$2, what to do? Right now I feel that the UN needs to get in there and deal with this clown of a leader before he ends up killing more innocent people that even Saddam Hussein did, at the end of the day history will repeat itself if nothing is done.

Surprise, surprise, collecting banknotes can lead you to being much more than a political animal than you intended to be to start with.

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