Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Paper Money History: Millan Stefanik on Slovakia Currency

As you know I have greatly increased my collection of World banknotes, very cheaply I may add by buying in bulk from EBay. This has greatly awakened my interest in finding out about the faces on banknotes and I shall be sharing a few of my finds with you in the following weeks.

Millan Rastislav Stefanik (1880-1919)

My first port of call will be Millan Rastislav Stefanik born 1880 in a small
village of Kosariska in Slovakia, which was then part of the Austrian-Hungary Empire. This was a man who had a short 39 years to live, but by all records lived life to the full. Millan was first an astonomer, an art-connoisseur, soldier, army general, a pilot, diplomat and most importantly the founder of Czechosolvakia.

His portrait is to be found on the 5000 Slovakia Koruna

He achieved so much in such a short time and is a great Slovakia hero respected by both Slovakas and Czechs alike.
You can visit 5000 Slovakia Koruna - Millan Stefanik to find out more about the man on Slovakia 5000 Koruna. These notes will no longer be in circulation after 2010 as Slovakia is now part of the European Union and has started circulating the Euro banknotes since last year. After 2010 the currency of Slovakia will no longer be Koruna but Euros as it is with other member states of the European Union.

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