Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Notable Paper Money Collecting Organisations For Collectors

One question I always had on my mind as a new collector was : Are there any paper money groups or organizations I could join where I could get access to information about paper money and meet up with like minded folks?

In search of an answer I stumbled on information about paper money collecting events which I have since been posting every weekend. Since then I have joined one main organization, though I have come to realize that there are several societies all over the world that collectors may want to join.

Here are a few of them:

International Bank Note Society (IBNS)
This is an organization for both new and advanced collectors, which helps to keep you
well abreast of new developments in the paper money collecting scene, it produces a
journal which would be very useful for the scholarly collector.
For information on how to join the Society contact:
Clive Rice, 25 Copse Side, Binscombe, Godalming, Surrey,GU7 3RU, United Kingdom

Latin American Paper Money Society (LANSA)

Arthur Matz, 3304 Milford Mill Road, Baltimore, MD 21244 USA.
Email address: Matzlansa@aol.com

American Numismatic Association (ANA)
Join online. There are over 500 ANA Clubs in USA and other parts of the World.

Canadian Paper Money Society
If your speciality is Canadian Banknotes then this is the one to join
Dick Dunn, Secretary-Treasurer
P.O. Box 562, Pickering, ON, Canada, L1V 2R7
Phone: 905-509-1146
E-mail: cpms@idirect.com

There are other smaller paper money Collecting groups and organizations not mentioned here obviously if you
require help to locate a club or society near you let me know.

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