Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Old Banknotes in Old Dusty Books?

Do you have any old notes in between an old book or Bible? If so you might be in luck. Banknotes printed locally in old towns and cites all over England seem to be rising in value incredibly!

Take for example, the 200 year old banknote from Whitehaven, which sold for £1,800, in London on Monday.

The exact date of production is unknown as it was never circulated, the bank itself only lasted 20 years.

The incredible thing is that this notes face value is a mere £1.05 and it was only expected to sell for £500 - £700, but to see it go for more than double!

So if you do have an old note in between those old books in the attic, get them out treat it with care and get it over to a professional who can check it out and value it for you. You never know.

For pictures and more background information about the area go to Whitehaven

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