Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The 3 Sisters on 200 Peso Dominican Banknotes

At the end of 2007 the Dominican Republic issued a 200 Pesos Oro Note. It has the portraits of three sisters, the Mirabal Sisters, Patricia, Minerva and Maria Teresa, were brutally murdered by a tyrannical leader in 1960.
I did a little search and felt really sad and ashamed that as human beings we could be so unfair and wicked to others.
Sadly this whole incident reminded me of the Iraqi situation. When will we ever learn? America tends or tended to support these corrupt tyrants because they were opposed to communism as if this alone made for a great leader.
Apparently the leader in the Republic at the time, Rafael Trujillo, had been trained by the US Marines and enjoyed US support until his death as a leading Latin American anti- communist! The fact that he ruled the country with iron fists , acquired so much wealth for himself while his people suffered and worst of all disappeared and were killed by his secret service didn't appear to count for much!
The sisters were members of an underground movement and had with their husbands been in and out of prison for various offenses to do with resisting the government. At the end of 1960 their husbands were all in prison and the sisters had gone to visit their husbands together. On their way back they were brutally murdered put back in their vehicle and it was rolled down a cliff to make it look like an accident.
These were women who stood up for what was right and just and did not let fear or talk of being the weaker gender stop them. They were mothers and their children were left orphaned so that some day the rest of humanity and their county at large would make the changes to enable the people of the Dominican Republic life a life free of tyranny.

The New 2007 Dominican Republic 200 Peso Oro

The sisters, Patricia, Minerva and Maria Teresa were an important symbol of resistance during this era and their deaths served as a catalyst for the revolt and subsequent downfall of the despotic regime that did so much harm to its people.


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Thanks for dropping by and you are very welcome to using the story it is one that touches the heart and reminds us of the cost of the freedom we enjoy today all over world. Do share share your stories. You've got such a wonderful Blog.