Thursday, 3 April 2008

Are Colorful Banknotes Real Money?

There is one note I'm trying to locate I know I'll find it soon, must be from Latin America I think. What a beautifully crafted colorful note? The colour of money is another reason why I enjoy collecting money.

Unfortunately some people I hear consider money that contains lots of color unreal, and have even gone as fas as calling it monopoly money. How sad. Why should the color or the lack of it dictate the value of the note?

Color is a very important part of mankind's existence. What a bland world it would have been without color. Remember those black and white movies as lovable and memorable as they are would you trade in your colorful high definition videos and cinema movies for them?

Feast your eyes on the following.

Now these notes from the Netherlands. wrongly made people think that serious money had no business with being colorful. The Netherlands printed these note and only stopped because the Euro was introduced.

These colorful notes were real banknotes with denominations and exchange rates: real notes used for real exchange and now real banknotes in real paper money collections items as the Euro has taken their place. For even more colorful money images go to this colorful paper money web page.

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