Monday, 7 April 2008

List of 10 Things To Avoid With Your Paper Money Collection

1. Do not iron creased, squashed or folded paper money
2. Do not tape your torn notes with cellotape.
3. Do not glue your paper money items to an album in order to display it.
4. Do not cut off the edges of damaged paper money banknotes.
5. Do not damage or crease the note by trying to remove ink or pencil marks.
6. Do not store your notes in used envelopes or old cigarette boxes.
7. Keep your collection away from direct sun light
8. Keep children away from your collection or you will be very sorry!
9. Your collection should be seen and not handled by your many viewers.
10. Cleaning or manipulation of banknotes should be avoided at all costs. It adds no value to your paper money collection whatsoever.

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