Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Polymer Money: Who Is On The Australian $5 Banknote?

The Australian $5 banknote has the portrait of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and really she needs no other introduction except to say The Queen of England is probably the one person whose portrait graces the notes of many countries all over the world.

Why is this you may ask? The simple answer is Britain has for many years been the leader of a group of countries known as the Commonwealth and the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth of Nations. A lot of these countries have paper money banknotes with the portrait of the Queen of England on it. Australia happens to be one of them.

Queen Elizabeth is officially the Queen regnant of Australia and her portrait can also be found on an earlier $1 Australian Banknote


Anonymous said...

The Queen should be styled "Her Majesty" rather than "Her Royal Highness".

Money Marketing Solutions said...

Thank you for pointing this out. I stand corrected and my appologies to Her Majesty The Queen.