Monday, 16 June 2008

US Paper Money Novelty Note - Obama on US Banknote

Just a fun banknote item with Barack Obama on the face of US Money. If he makes it this will definitely be a first, helps us see reality of what Americans are doing and how different it is from the norm. Though I must say that a lot of fuss has been made about Obama being black, but is he really truly just black?

To start with what am I? I am a black woman with dual nationality, born or African parents in Europe over 40 years ago. Luckily for me I've lived in both continents and do not have a nationality crisis. I therefore feel that I can at least use this opportunity to voice my opinion about this great shift in American politics.

Its great that America can consider a woman or a black man for the number one job in America. Yet there are fundamental problems with this progression.My reservation stems from the fact that a person of dual race heritage in US is always considered black, when it is a white and black issue by both sides of the coin?

My take on this issue is be careful all of you open your eyes wide before you vote!!Anyway the novelty note looks great find up more...

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