Monday, 23 June 2008

Paper Money Collecting Serious or Just a Fun Blog?

Since I was unable to make my usual post on Friday about Paper Money Collecting and Banknote Events around the world I've been asking myself the question, "Is this a serious or Fun Blog?"

Of course I want it to be a Fun Blog, but it is also serious in nature, as my readers have come to expect to find out what's happening around them in the numismatic field, every weekend as well as other important banknote information on the paper money scene . I failed to bring you this information and I do apologize profusely for my failure.

Without wanting to bore you with the personal challenges I am encountering right now, I do need to let you know that I am struggling to get a full hour to spend on Paper Money Collecting now compared to 3-4 hours a couple of months ago. Even this post is being squeezed in between several duties, jobs and chores that I need to get done today.
Please bear with me and I shall be back to speed in the next week or two: More success to you my Paper Money Collecting and Banknote readers as you continue to widen the horiz0n and learn about this great hobby.

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