Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Banknote and Paper Money News: The Direct Express Debit Card

Finally a solution is in sight for the 4 million Americans without bank accounts who have to depend on paper cheques to access their monthly social benefits. The U.S. Department of the Treasury has found a solution and a new Direct Express debit card for social security payments has now been launched in 10 states, this debit card will be available to all shortly as the plan is to roll it out over the nation during the summer months.

This is a great step forward as you can imagine how frustrating it is waiting on your social security cheques via the post. Delays in arrival cause so much stress for many families, not to talk about the problem of cashing the cheques through unscrupulous money services who eat up some of the much needed money via commission for the service rendered.

4 million people are now being given an opportunity to start getting their paper money affairs in order and I think this is a great move forward and will help to revive the economy some. Read more about this at The Direct Express Debit Card Launch.

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