Monday, 15 September 2008

The Lewes Pound - The Newest Banknote In England

I was pleasantly suprised that Lewes, a town in Britain had just released the latest paper money banknote. 10, 000 notes were printed and are nearly sold our already. Maybe sold out is a wrong way to put it as these notes are not meant for collector's albums, instead they are supposed to remain in circulation and spent in and around the town of Lewes.

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So why is this proud English town resorting to releasing a new paper note? The have many reasons but I like the one about it's their answer to the present global credit crunch. They have definitely taken their financial matters seriously and into their own hands.
Personally I would like to add this to my collection, but wont at the moment as this is not what the Lewes Pound was printed for. I will wait until much later when things have settled and they have released another batch of these beautiful green notes into circulation.
Wont to find out more about the Lewes Pound? Go to this Paper Money site and read all about it.

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