Thursday, 4 September 2008

Are You Still Collecting Paper Money?

It's been a long break from collecting paper money and blogging about it, and I'm glad to be back once more. After the month away I'm looking to bring some fresh eyes into how this blog is structured and presented. Thank you everyone for coming back and reading the blog while I was down and out (figuratively speaking that is). I hope that the information I've gathered over the past year has been useful to you and I'm looking forward to revealing more of what I'm learning as the months go by.

So how are we all doing with the Credit Crunch and the all important American Race for the White House? Luckily this is not a political journal or else I would have been boring you with my views about this particular election, being that I am both black and a woman. You never know, my views might make pretty interesting reading for some!

Anyway back to our favorite topic, how is your collection going? Mine hasn't progressed in the last month but I'm hoping to move it on as the days go by.

I found this site, apparently its been around for a while, its got a new look and I think if you are looking for some coins or currency for your collection or gifts for a friend or child, you may find something interesting here and most of the items are under a dollar. Check-out this Coin and Paper Money Auction Site and you'll see what I mean.

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