Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Paper Money Collecting: 23 Paper Money Collecting Sites

In the last 3 months of starting this blog on paper money collecting, I have come across hundreds of sites that are dedicated to this fascinating hobby. Below are 21 sites that have helped me understand the hobby and given me a deep insight to the vastness of its reaches. Enjoy.

Krause Publications
World Banknotes
Kate's Paper Money
The Polymer Banknote Site
European and Commonwealth Banknotes
Banknote news
International Banknote Society
Islamic Banknotes
Dutch Banknotes
Irish Paper Money
Peter Symes Banknote Oddites
US Coins and Currency
The Bank of Japan Currency Museum
Canadian Currency Museum
World Banknote
Scottish Banknotes
Russian Banknotes
Bulgarian Paper Money
History of Money
A Brief History of Money
A Brief History of Banking
Heritage Numismatic Auctions
Paper Money Ebook

These are some of the sites that have educated me and given me great pleasure over the past few months. I hope that you will derive as much joy and pleasure from these paper money sites as I have.

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