Tuesday, 28 August 2007

EBay does it again - Paper Money Sells at Record Price.

Did you know that a good place for a bargain, even for unique paper money notes was eBay?
Well an English gentleman had quite a great story to tell about his eBay find.

You know when you and the wife have some family time and set out a list of projects to do, in the winter or summer months, and you resent the fact that these are going to dig a deep hole into you pockets? Well I guess this was one of those occasions.

The temptation to buy or not to buy these unique English £10 notes was a bit too much for the gentleman in question. So he did just what his collector's spirit wanted.

After which his wife said to him,

"You seem very good at buying all these so-called bargains, Laurence, but you don't ever sell them! I would like the house completely redecorated and you have just spent £1250 out of the budget!”

So he decided to make an effort and sell the notes to appease his wife, and guess what, they sold at a record price of £6,600 at Spink in June!

Read the full story at Kate's Paper Money.

So apart from eBay are there any other sources of getting your collection started?

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Now with a £6,600 sale, I'm sure the gentleman could now say to his wife:
"You see honey, it's just as I thought, my paper money collecting has paid off and you will have the house redecorated as requested courtesy of my eBay bargain find."

All I can say is, what a find, I hope we can replicate the same as we learn and grow with this fascinating hobby of paper money collecting.

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