Friday, 22 February 2008

Paper Money Collection From Ghana and Nigeria

Finally I have started scanning my own personal collection of paper money. Its been quite an interesting journey, I've started out with banknotes from Ghana and Nigeria as these were the first ones I found or had in my possession when I discovered the hobby of collecting paper money.

The Ghanaian note was given to be by a friend who discovered that I was collecting banknotes. She said she had no use for it. It was actually rumpled into a ball and left in the pocket of her jacket. As you can see these are very used notes. My other paper money images to follow are in a much better condition. Enjoy

The Ghanaian 1000 Cedis

The Nigerian 500 Naira Banknote

The Nigerian 200 Naira Banknote

The Nigerian 100 Naira Banknote

The Nigerian 10 Naira Banknote
(removed from circulation 2007)

The New Nigerian 50 Naira

The New Nigerian 20 Naira

The New Nigerian 10 Naira

The New Nigerian 5 Naira

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