Sunday, 6 January 2008

Paper Money Collecting Event: Trillions of US Bills Rare and Old Paper Money On Display

Orange County( the real OC ) is about to be hosting a very exciting Coin and Paper Money Event in the next couple of days, it's the Florida United Numismatists Show (FUN Show). I wish I could be there, but work, distance and most importantly my ill son will keep me away this time. But for you my friends take note, and if you are anywhere near the sunny state, do drop by.

Trillions of Dollars Worth of Paper Money On Display
It looks like its going to be quite an event. First the US Bureau of Printing and Engraving will be there with very unique items:

  • a sheet of $100,000 Bills
  • 3 $500 Million Bonds
  • a first glimpse of the newly designed $5.00 Bills
  • and lots more

The Complete Set of Rainbow Notes on Display

This may be a once in a lifetime chance to see the complete set of the 9 bills together, as the $500 and $1000 bills are uniquely very rare and in private hands. This the only possible collection of the 9 bills that can therefore be put together outside of the US Government authorities. This exhibition has been made possible by Rare and Old Paper Money and Coin Specialist Sergio Sanchez.

The Gold Rush

Now if you've ever wished to have been around during the years when gold first became a find in America, here's your chance to expierence the rush, compliments of Reed Gold Mine. You will be able to pan and search for real gold, don't need to worry about the dirt and mud though. Any gold you do find will be yours to keep, now that true icing on the cake for any Coin and Paper Money Show.

(All images from Florida United Numismatists)

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