Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Paper Money Collecting: Do You Really Respect Our Paper Money?

Do you really respect the $1 bill or is paper money just a piece of paper change you can afford to squash in your pocket or purse until you need it again to pay for some little something? But then the $20 or $100 bill better still gets preferential treatment... do you put that nicely laid out in your purse, making sure no harm, no crease befalls this big note?

I don't know about you, but collecting paper money as a hobby has helped me to appreciate the money I get to spend daily. Now I feel guilty when I go to squash my notes in my purse and I find myself tidying my bag, putting the notes in the right pocket of my purse and not squashing them in the same pockets as my coins.

Paper money is so delicate and the way we handle them decide the shelf life of each note. So the next time you get tempted to fold your paper money carelessly into your wallet, take a second longer and treat it with respect.

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