Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Paper Money Collecting: US Paper Money Online Price Guide

New Online Price Guide of US Paper Currency

If you are interested in US paper money then this is probably very exciting news for you. Krause Publications, has added a new US Paper Money Price Guide to their collection of World Coin guides that they have available at NumisMaster, their online site dedicated to the needs of numismatic collectors.

What makes this unique and novel is that a collector will have current prices right before them at anytime. We all know that prices have changed a lot and continue to do so in the last couple of months. Coin and Paper Money collection is going through a big money phase so its important that collectors and investors can get their hands on current prices. The Online Paper Money Guide provides this with a simple click of the mouse and of course a minimal subscription of $7.95 for a monthly subscription or $39.95 yearly.

This guide includes all non-coin issues of United States currency etc, such as stamps, gold and silver certificates, military notes, error notes, confederacy notes to name a few: all the photographs, listings and prices contained in the Standard Catalogue of United States Paper Money are included in this guide.

To subscribe to this online guide you can go to Online Paper Money Guide and register, after registration, which is free, you will then be able to get access to the subscription page.

The Paper Money History Series

This series will continue shortly, it just seems to be a topic that gets deeper and more detailed as the days go by, and consequently quite a number of other interesting events and issues I would have liked to have mentioned have been left unmentioned. I have therefore decided to alternate between the two on weekly basis. So this week we will be talking about general issues and then next week it will be Paper Money History topics and then the following one will concentrate again on general issues to do with paper money. I hope this will be of better benefit to you as it will be for me.

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