Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Paper Money Collecting: The Australian Banknotes

Collecting Australian Banknotes

Australian $5 -Front & Back

Earlier this year The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) commissioned Downies, a leading Australian numismatic auction house to sell its paper money in a special series of auctions and online auctions. This is a first, as the bank its self has always sold its currency through the Royal Australian Mint, but this auction has probably made it easier for collectors of Australian paper money to add special first and last prefix notes from the 2006 polymer note issues to their collection.

The auctions started in October and ended the second week of November: the RBA also asked Downies to offer ordinary Australian notes to the public, these were to be sold at face value till the end of the month of November.

Over 60,000 notes were offered in auction during this period, so it seems that this is the best time to try and get your hands on current uncirculated Australian banknotes and at a good deal.

Places to contact include:
RBA Headoffice
65 Martin Place

RBA Branch office
20-22 London Circuit

Downies Auctions
Lower Ground Floor, Block Arcade
98-100 Elizabeth St., Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia
Phone (03) 8677 8800 Fax (03) 8677 8899
International Prefix + 61-3
Contact: Chris Meallin, John Freestone, Roger Liversidge, John Drzymulski.
Online Store: World Paper Money Collecting Online Store


Anonymous said...

HAY MY name is Jack and i am from melbourne!!

I Just have a small question.... i have a $5.00 note and the number on it is AA21445090 and i just wanted to no if i should keep it or use it???

Paper Money Collecting said...

You may want to keep it as the number might appeal to some collectors and then yet again you may want to keep it yourself. What condition is the note in?

Anonymous said...

g'day, i have a few paper notes , 2 x 10 notes(1 exellent cond, other is ok, could someone tell me how much these are worth or where to go to get appraisal... thanks wayne