Monday, 17 August 2009

Gold, Silver and Paper Money: Big Difference.

Gold as well as silver, have incredible characteristics no other matter on earth can match and neither can paper money. There are many distinct characteristics but here are three important ones to start with:-

Gold is a very durable metal, it wont rust, neither can it be destroyed by fire, You need over 1900 F to melt it! And guess what, most of the gold ever mined still exist today! Bank-notes on the other hand are easily destroyed, in actual fact paper money has a shelf life in most countries, especially in the developed world. The old are discarded and newly minted notes are issued and circulated. What gold there is is all there is, no newly made gold is being made today by mother nature.

You cannot reproduce Silver or Gold, people have tried to produce items in other metal forms and pass it off as gold down through the ages, but they have not succeeded. Unlike paper money gold and silver is not printed. It comes in the natural form given it from the beginning of time, that is before man started innovating stuff, and the scales will always catch the fraudulent impostors

Gold is beautiful and also very portable compared to paper money. You can carry a couple of gold bullion bars in one hand. Try doing that with paper money of the equivalent amount!

One other thing, don't forget that Gold and Silver are Internationally accepted, even the US Dollar as popular as it is does not enjoy the same status. Gold is what it is. Lets not put all our eggs in just one basket. Diversify your cash now for the rainy day.


Tracie said...

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michaela said...

Alot of steps are taken before that paper money enters your pocket! Check out the blog to learn about banknote production and other currency news.

Michelle said...

I used to have a lot paper money before. :)