Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Credit Crunch and other Impediments

The Credit Crunch and Other Impediments have made it possible to keep me off-line and not writing for over a month now. My apologies, its been quite a while now. And within the month and a half so much has happened.

For the first time America has stood above racial prejudice and elected their first black President in Barak Obama. The Credit Crunch on the other hand has taken root and become a massive global recession.  The once strong British Sterling is now so weak its standing at nearly 1:1 with the Euro and just a bit over that with the US Dollar. How devastating for us all!
Well with the new President, I say well done, congratulations and now the hard work really begins, these are very hard times and what a burden he carries both for his nation and the world. So much is expected of him, I pray for God's wisdom to guide him, and for the other dark forces to keep off and let him do and achieve the best he can in the circumstances. To the rest of us I say on his behalf, don't expect superhuman results in the days, months and years to follow. Barak Obama is only a human being!

Now the Credit Crunch is another matter, I think the most poignant fact for me is seeing "Wollies" go down. That is the beloved name for the giant "Woolworths" that went into administration over the Christmas period. Many others have followed suit and so many people as a result have lost their jobs and maybe homes.

I must commend the Governments all around the world who have taken action promptly to reduce the massive negative effects of this economic disaster. For one thing the Banks have been saved from collapsing but unfortunately they still think they are financial masters and nothing can touch them. Well they should watch this space. If they don't change their ways, give back to the hands that fed them, help mend the fences that have come crumbling down in the last couple of months and stop over indulging their top directors and managers with fat cat bonuses, then whatever comes crashing down on their heads was brought on by nothing else but their greed.

I know I'm supposed to be collecting paper money, but I haven't done much in the past month. I've instead been taking care of my ill 5 year old, reaching down to my roots to understand the significance of the Obama Presidency and looking into ways to beat the credit crunch.

I know I'm straying but it is the sign of our times as the Credit Crunch and other impediments take up our limited time and resources.

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