Monday, 10 November 2008

Paper Money Collecting is Back

Thank you so much for coming back to visit over and over again, even though this blog has been quite quiet during the last month. The terror of silence, no phone line no broadband hit me really bad during the last month but finally despite the credit crunch, bank failings that have befallen our economies in this global mess, a ray of light appears and normalcy is restored once again.

So we now have a new President elected to office in the United States. We do pray that his efforts will yet again bring peace, hope, love and prosperity to the rest of the world and his homeland as well. Without this paper money may suffer greatly in the months to come.

We shall wait and see how all the new changes will pan out.

I will be back on a more frequent basis.

Once again thanks for visiting.

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lunaticg said...

welcome back. I guess. nice blog.