Wednesday, 9 July 2008

£20 Note Was The Most Copied British Banknote

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Did you know that in 2007 a total of 290,000 counterfeit banknotes were removed from circulation and a majority of these were £20 notes.

In actual fact the Bank of England released some figures recently and out of the 290,000 fake notes retrieved, 276,000 were £20 notes!

This is the reason why we actually have new £20 notes, the redesigned banknotes have improved security features. And this strategy has actually worked as large as the proportion of the fake £20 notes are , the Bank of England figures show that counterfeiting the £20 notes is on a decline. The number of notes taken out of circulation had decreased by 24 per cent and the total face value of fake notes has been reduced by £1,800,000.

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